A Review of SteelSeries Gaming Products

Now we take a look at the configuration utility for the mouse. In the “Moue Properties” pane you can configure your DPI Value, your Double-Click Speed, Scroll Speed, Windows Pointer Speed, and your Advanced Sensitivity for the X and Y Axis. On the next pane at the bottom of the middle, you can choose your color. You can choose any color in the known spectrum, and you can choose the intensity and pulsation speed. On the right pane, you’ve got your Button Assignments. You can change your Game Commands, Change DPI, Change Profile and Custom Macros. In the middle pane, you can create up to 10 profiles for different characters. On this pane, you can also change what every button on the mouse does. It is all very WoW-centric but it is still completely customizable.
One of the many pieces of gaming equipment that a lot of people fail to have is a microphone. SteelSeries has a full range of gaming headsets including the SteelSeries 5H V2 Gaming Headphone. This headphone has a retractable microphone, so that means you don’t need to have a microphone sticking out the side of your headset of in front of your mouth when you’re not gaming. It can also be dismantled into three separate pieces for storage when not in use. These may not be $500 high end headphones, but they also cost much less at around $100. Here you get a very decent set of headphones that SteelSeries claims is optimized for hearing things like foot steps and gunfire. They’re also very comfortable to wear in the long term. The microphone is very clear so other people in your game can hear you as you talk to them.

The 5H V2 comes with two audio cables of different length. One of them has a volume control. This is for use with the SteelSeries 7G Keyboard which ties all these products together. It acts as a hub for them through a special hybrid cable that includes connectivity for your USB mouse, PS/2 keyboard (USB adapter included), as well as microphone-in and headphone-in cables for your computer. You can then plug all these into your 7G keyboard. You can also use the 7G’s two port USB hub for any other USB device such as your iPod or flash drive.

The 7G is also a mechanical key switch keyboard which means it’s going to be expensive if you like the tactile feedback. It comes with a removable shroud with a wrist rest. Although it is not particularly attractive, this wrist rest is very comfortable.

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